• Do you own a digital camera and want to learn how to use its features?
  • Do you want to take better or even really stunning images of things outdoors, events or vacation?
  • Do you want to advance your knowledge of digital photography?
  • After capturing images, do you want to optimise them and are confused about all the software?
  • Do you want to print high quality images or share them with your friends, but you aren’t sure how to do all that?
  • Do you want to become, not only an expert photographer, but also master all the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, whether you use a windows based PC or an Apple Mac?

Then call me on 083 449 0493 or email me on info@photoimagesofafrica.com

I offer tailor made tuition suited for your own particular personal needs. Whether you want to become a proficient “point and shooter” or a professional-standard digital photographer, I will have the necessary tuition program for you. This will include private one-on-one lessons and practical sessions if required. You don’t have to be held up by others in your class or feel that you are not keeping up with them. We go at your pace and to your specific requirements.

 Optimising your images using Lightroom on a 3-screen high performance digital workstation

All you need to bring is your camera and a laptop computer. I will show you the rest. Imagine when all your friends and family just ogle over your latest game reserve images instead of seeing the head of an out of focus animal obscured by grass and trees and that you no longer have to explain what you were trying to take.

Located in Suite 015, Cathedral Square, Cathedral Street, George.