I have redesigned and activated a replacement website for Photo Images of Africa. The new website also covers all aspects of wildlife and nature photography with an emphasis on image portfolios, blogs and articles of photographic interest.


The new site is https://www.jbnaturephotography.com


Click on this link and am sure you will enjoy the new site at least as much as this one.





This site is dedicated to bringing you my latest photographic images of nature. It also includes tips and articles on the latest photographic technology developments and equipment introductions. There is an “image of the week” page which can be found by simply clicking [here] or on the respective page name on the page bar above. In addition to the image portfolios on this site, you can access further portfolios and images by clicking on the Flikr® and Smugmug® links which appear on most pages.

I hope the site meets your expectation and that you enjoy the content. Please use the interactivity to the full extent. I would appreciate constructive comment.



Through the perception of my lenses you can share my deep passion for nature and its evolution. You too, can experience the spectacle of some truly remarkable locations, particularly in Africa.

My vision is to capture the beauty of nature and share it with others through still images. I have travelled extensively through the game parks of Southern Africa, the plains of East Africa and the sublime beauty of Antarctica and continue to build on my collection of images. My major focus has been on the birds of the region, but I also capture the other elements of nature which make up the unique character of Africa.

I feel strongly the need to pass on the extensive photographic knowledge that I have gained through study and experience to all who wish to learn. This covers both the capturing of superlative images as well as the post-processing thereof so that you, in turn, can share your experiences with others.

Images are available for purchase either in printed form or contained in high resolution digital images on storage media.  A number of my images are available through Gallo Images®.  Individualised tuition is available should you want to improve your photographic skills or digital workflow. Please use the contact page to make a request for further information.

I trust you will enjoy the content..