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Dust up between two African Buffalo

Two large African Buffalo having a full go at each other - a real dust up

May 28, 2018 Latest Image Project

Mating Martial Eagles

An extract of images from an 88 photographic still image sequence of a pair of mating Martial Eagles

June 27, 2017 Latest Image Project

Caring and Development of a Blacksmith Lapwing’s young: Updated at 53 days.

A series of images showing the care of a Blacksmith Lapwing's chick

September 22, 2016 Latest Image Project

Tawny Eagles Mating

A good example of excellent subject matter but less than ideal positioning for light angle. For photographer's interest!

June 06, 2015 Latest Image Project

Zebra Rutting in the Kruger National Park

With most zebra foals being born in the summer, May month presents an ideal opportunity to hope to observe Zebras rutting.

June 01, 2015 Latest Image Project

Hatching of the Spotted Thick-knees

The Spotted Thick-knees have been breeding and two chicks were hatched this morning. I have been following progress for close on four weeks

January 05, 2015 Latest Image Project

Night and Astro-photography in the Richtersveld

The Richtersveld provides the ideal opportunity for night photography with insignificant light pollution and cloudless skies

September 05, 2013 Latest Image Project

Macro Flower Photography

Macro Photography using ZereneStacker software. Maximise your

December 10, 2012 Latest Image Project

The Whales in Hermanus

October is a great time to be in Hermanus for whale watching.

October 21, 2012 Latest Image Project
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