I have redesigned and activated a replacement website for Photo Images of Africa. The new website also covers all aspects of wildlife and nature photography with an emphasis on image portfolios, blogs and articles of photographic interest.


The new site is https://www.jbnaturephotography.com


Click on this link and am sure you will enjoy the new site at least as much as this one.

As soon as we have completed a current eBook, we will publish it here for you to download.  These will be in PDF format as well as ePub format and will work on all computers and tablets, as well as the iPhone and most other smart phones.

The one currently available is “Just One Day”. This is a short portfolio of images captured in just one day in the Ndutu area of the southern Serengeti.


For the best viewing experience, suggest you:

  1. Click on the link. This will open the book in your web browser. It can be viewed in this manner, but it does not yield the best viewing experience.
  2. Move your cursor to the bottom right of the cover image and click on the 6th icon “download pdf”
  3. This will open the book as a pdf document in your browser. You can also view it like this, or you can save it in Adobe Acrobat/Reader. This provides the best resolution and colour.