Milky Way in the Southern Sky. Klaarstroom, Western Cape Province, South Africa

  Canon EOS R5 with a Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L USM lens @15mm on a Gitzo 1548 tripod with RRS BH-40 ballhead.

ISO 3200. 20 sec at f/2.8. Exposure and focus was set manually.

It is getting to that time of the year again when the core of the Milky Way is visible to us here in the Southern Hemisphere. This image was captured a few weeks ago not long before astronomical twilight which was occurring about 04:50. The actual core was being obscured by the upcoming sunrise, but it won’t be long and it will be visible from about 03:00 which will give enough time to capture images when it is still truly dark. June/July is some of the best time for this type of image. Our satellite galaxies, Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud, are clearly visible.

The above image  is a stack of 30 light frames and 24 dark frames composited with the foreground of one of the light images. The software used was Adobe Lightroom, Starry Landscape Stacker and Adobe Photoshop.